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- 5th August 2015, 09:49
Hi, we are a small pcb maker in China. We can do 1 -8 layers, prototypes and small volumes for PCB designers and companies and educations and PCB trading companies overseas. We have price advantage at 1 and 2 layers , HAL-LF, green solder mask, white silkscreen, 1.6mm thickness, 1OZ copper PCBs. 1pcs is acceptable.
Please send me gerber files to get quotation from me.
Best Regards,
5 Ji Xiang Technology Co., Ltd
Email: [email protected]
www.jixpcbmanufacturer.com (http://www.jixpcbmanfucturer.com/)

I forgot to say, we also use paypal to receive money.

- 19th August 2016, 05:57
How quick you can provide my PCB prototypes? I need it within 24 hours.