View Full Version : Need GPS country Map For Nokia

- 25th October 2013, 14:23
I'm a Nokia Smartphone; I'm looking GPS Bangladesh Country map. Usually I used Nokia Ovi store for all country map but Ovi not provide Bangladesh Country Map. I have to find other ways.

- 25th October 2013, 19:40
maybe this Map working in Nokia device, but its essential for GPS mapping.

- 29th October 2013, 23:25
Not sure if this will work but http://www.banglatrek.org/?page_id=64 they say they've got something like you need.

- 30th October 2013, 09:52
Thanks For your Hard work but I canít use this mapping file. How can I use this, where I stored it?

- 30th October 2013, 13:35
Well, isn't that the conundrum for most of these posts? Not knowing what you want to do nor how you want to employ this, the only thing I can say is define your end product and write some code, make a schematic and post both here. There are way smarter people than I that will help but no one here will do your homework or give you a saleable product.

- 2nd November 2013, 13:17
I think he was just asking for a map for his phone (and nothing to do with pics at all),
but that's a Garmin map anyway :D

- 5th November 2013, 17:44
Don't waste your time guys. He's been banned for a while now.