View Full Version : Can MicroCode Studio auto load mikroProg Suite?

- 12th September 2013, 22:29
The answer is yes, with the help from Marina at mikroe.

I posted the question here and mikroe.com just before the hack hit and got the answer during the "hack cleaning" so I thought it might help someone else to post the results.

Just bought the easyPIC v7 to experiment with after accidentally blowing up my melabs LAB-X4 and wanted to set up the mikroProg Suite to start "auto loaded" with the PIC and compiled file like the melabs Programmer.
Though it's not necessary in order to use the mikroProg Suite, it's nice to have it up and ready to go after compiling.

MicroCode Studio gives the option to configure the Programmer to pass certain parameters when the program is started. This one auto loads the mikroProg Suite with current selected PIC and compiled file then starts the Write process:

-p$target-device$ -f$long-hex-filename$-w

The only thing is, the mikroProg Suite application gets mad for a second and gives a quick warning when I Compile/Program when the application is already running.
So I just Compile with MCS, then hit the Reload HEX and Write buttons on the mikroProg since everything is already running.