View Full Version : DT_INTS-14 ver 1.10 and PBP V2.60C What am I doing wrong?

- 11th January 2013, 18:04
I am very new to PBP, have done a good bit of research on Darrel Taylor's
DT_INTS-14 ver 1.10. I really like what I have read on this Forum about it's
abilities to do interrupts on HESRIN. I downloaded Darrel's package and started
by trying his first sample (Hello World Toggling an LED) and found out Just how
much I don't know about PBP. When I compile I get assembler errors.
Is there link options that must be set for INCLUDE Files?

Thanks In Advance for any direction.


- 11th January 2013, 18:40
Hi and welcome to the forum!
I think it actually tells you what to do in the error message, ie try adding the followin to your code, before including the DT-INTS file:

wsave2 VAR BYTE $120 SYSTEM

Try to remember to include for which PIC you're compiling when posting, it makes helping easier.


- 12th January 2013, 01:10
Thank you Henrik !!
You are totally right that was the trouble.
Sorry I missed that, Slow learner I guess.
The PIC I'm Compiling for is a 16F877.

Thank you again for your help!


- 23rd May 2014, 03:43
This is very interesting as I have had the same exact problem (AFAIK), same pic, PBP 2.60 and added the extra lines of code as suggested and still got the same error. I opened up DT_INTS-14.bas and found the following

wsave VAR BYTE $20 SYSTEM ' location for W if in bank0
'wsave VAR BYTE $70 SYSTEM ' alternate save location for W
' if using $70, comment wsave1-3

' --- IF any of these three lines cause an error ?? ------------------------
' Comment them out to fix the problem ----
' -- Which variables are needed, depends on the Chip you are using --
wsave1 VAR BYTE $A0 SYSTEM ' location for W if in bank1
wsave2 VAR BYTE $120 SYSTEM ' location for W if in bank2
wsave3 VAR BYTE $1A0 SYSTEM ' location for W if in bank3
I am using MPLABX v1.95 under Windows 8.1 I have used Darrel Taylor's code in the past using this chip (IIRC) but using MPLAB 8.x under Windows XP and never had a problem (except for typo's!) I can compile other code with this setup that doesn't include the Instant Interrupts and this is the first time I have tried to use Darrel's code on my new setup. I'm wondering if in fact I may not have something set up in MPLAB-X correctly? Any suggestions appreciated. Chris