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- 16th October 2012, 08:25
All my projects that incorporate an RTC, one of the most unpleasant and wasteful part of the design was the time-setting code and ugly switches required on the panel. Then again there had to be some protection to ensure one of the switches didnt get pressed inadvertently.

These past few months, I have been increasingly relying on Android as a I/O device; doesnt cost you anything in terms of hardware (if you already have one) and you can put it to multiple uses depending on your requirement.

So, here's my 'switchless RTC' app. All you need is a cheap bluetooth adapter (like the one available at DealExtreme for 6.60 USD.

The app simply puts out the current time and date on BT, and your project reads it for further processing. Thats it. And yes, it also speaks out the time it synchs at.

If anybody's interested in the apk file, please mail me at [email protected].

Be warned, there's a LOT I have to learn, yet, about Android programming, so please excuse the bugs, if any.



- 17th October 2012, 03:07
That is a cool idea! Did you do it with B4A?

- 17th October 2012, 07:32
Cool! I like it.


- 17th October 2012, 07:52
Thanks, guys. Yes, it was developed in B4A.

- 17th October 2012, 08:44
Could you give a link to the Bluetooth adapter you referred to?

- 17th October 2012, 09:17
I ordered these for ease of use http://dx.com/p/jy-mcu-arduino-bluetooth-wireless-serial-port-module-104299?item=5 , but you could use these if you are willing to base your system on 3.3 volts, or add your own LDO. http://dx.com/p/wireless-bluetooth-rs232-ttl-transceiver-module-80711?item=10

I would recommend the one mounted on a backpane, as it also comes with a status LED pre-soldered, and a standard 0.1" pitch connector.

Functionally they are the same.

- 17th October 2012, 14:20
Thank you, that helps a lot.