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- 18th May 2012, 03:43
At present moreand more OEMs and contractors are taking complete electronic production-lowcost and reduce time to the market; Lots of companies rely on Beijing GlichníPCB assembly production line to build new or service electronic manufactureservice;
GLICHN PCBassembly equipments are matched by technical person to suggest right choice. Accordingto usersí requirement, technical servers will suggest their SMT prototype ormiddle assembly equipments as well as their budge and space requirement. GLICHNservice is 24/7 technical support and one year warranty.

- 18th May 2012, 03:44
If someone needPCB prototype assembly equipments, I think below is some suggestion. This lineis from Beijing Glichn, it includes bench top reflow oven, table pick and placemachine and PCB screen printer.
Some technicaldocuments about the line.
Suggestion:Low-cost short-run, high-mix production & prototyping
Feature: Entrylevel production / prototyping at an affordable price
PCB workingsize 300*400mm;
Componentapplication:0201, 0402, 0603, SOP ,BGA and others;
Reflow oven:bench top lead free solder SR352C, with computer interface;
Pick and placemachine: table mounter M400 and vacuum suction DL100/DL200;
Screen printer:large size high precision screen printer SP40
Warranty: twoyears together spares
Totalinvestment is about USD4000.
Above is simpledescription about PCB prototype assembly equipment; In Beijing Glichn S&T Development has more.
If users areinterested, you can see www.smtchn.com (http://www.smtchn.com/).