View Full Version : My Rube Goldberg mount for the nano LanReach

- 29th May 2011, 00:33
My application for a network interface also has several other connectors of about the same height as the RJ45 osed on the ConnectOne module. However, the ConnectOne module has to be mounted above the main board (and in one incarnation using a microscopically small connector) which complicates enclosure design.

I use the nano LanReach (with the humanly impossible connector) but cut a slot in my main board just wider (0.020") than the module. I then both connect and support the module with bus wire. This keeps all my connectors about the same height and I only need rectangular openings of the sane depth down from the top edge of the enclosure. These, I can usually cut by hand for prototypes.

Here's what I mean...