View Full Version : PicBasic Pro Compiler manual updated with bookmarks

- 7th March 2011, 22:35
I use the PDF version of the manual more than the paper book (I can never remember where I put it last). I went through the manual and added bookmarks and links within the manual. It can be downloaded here: http://www.scarydesign.com/PBP_Manual/PBP_Manual_0609_260_bookmarks.pdf

Not every heading is bookmarked, mostly the ones I kept needing to refer to and and the whole command set. You can jump from the bookmarks or the inline link. The bookmark icon is in the upper left hand corner if it's not already expanded.

Some don't know that the Adobe Reader toolbars can be expanded; for instance right-click over "Page Navigation" and you will find a bunch more choices than just "page forward/back". These are very handy for jumping around a document.

The document was modified by me and posted with permission from meLabs.

- 8th March 2011, 00:49
I find myself using the HTML version for the navigation. This is a nice addition.