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- 21st November 2010, 17:22

I'm looking at getting one of the serial over Ethernet add-on boards for my easyPIC5 board. The Mikroelectronica web site has several examples of using it's own languages, the basic version and samples can be seen in this PDF http://www.mikroe.com/eng/downloads/get/540/en_article_basic_pic_02_09.pdf

It seems to contain the HTML for the "interface" via a web browser in string format between quotes. Does PicBasic Pro support this function. If not, how would I go about storing a web page within a PIC in a similar way ?

- 22nd November 2010, 13:01
guys, going by the number of views thios post has had and the number of replies, please tell me that I don't have to change my programming applcation if I need to do this :(

- 22nd November 2010, 13:56
Hi Malcolm

Don't be easily discouraged. Maybe it is not so straightforward to get strings in/out of PBP??

The macro belongs to our favourite contributor Darrell Taylor. There may be other options, but, this is my way.

PokeCode Cblank,$13,$15,$1b,$0B,$0a,$18,$18

GetAddress macro Label, Wout ; Returns the Address of a Label as a Word
movlw low Label
movwf Wout
movlw High Label
movwf Wout + 1

@ GetAddress _msg_LoBatt, _Address
goto Disp_msg

Here, these messages are 7 segment codes to put onto a led display. disp_msg is the routine to transfer the string to the display(not shown here as it is not so relevant to the problem at hand) However, you will get the concept of how to implement your webpage in a similar format. I'm not sure if you'd encounter any troubles doing this, but, if you do, we're here to help; so, give it a try.

- 22nd November 2010, 19:16
Thanks for the comments.

I've added the serial over Ethernet board to my Xmas list so hopefully Father Christmas will bring me one for Xmas.

It does seem strange though that PBP being as powerful product as it is, that there isn't any "easy" way of replicating the functionality shown in that Mikrobasic example. I like the ideal of generating a simple web interface, cutting and pasting the HTML into the IDE, placing it all in quotes and then compiling the code to the PIC.

I've also been looking at the Tibbo EM500, which uses it's own form of basic and IDE to "program and configure" the device. But then again, it's using a new language and is equally on par with the Mickrobasic and ENC28J60 or ENC624J600 based boards using SPI.

Having spent almost a year developing my project, with the help of DT and Henrik (plus a few others) there is no way of re-writing the 30odd K of code in a new language trying to port it across.