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  1. Using a PIC18F4550 package for PIC18F2550 compiled code. Any issues?
  2. LESTER - Permissions Issue
  3. Upgraded Finally
  4. Interrupts and WDT are driving me nuts!
  5. MAX MIN vs IF
  6. Read Write with 16F1527
  7. LCDOUT with a 12F683
  8. Strange compile error? "Could not spawn language tool. "
  9. Windows 8, and 64 bit OS compatibility Question
  10. Issue with 12F609
  11. PBP3.0.6.1 - USBMOUSE.pbp - compile errors.
  12. Clarification need about #CONFIG...#ENDCONFIG / asm ...endasm.
  13. display greater than 8 bit numbers
  14. Integrate PBP3 in MPLABX.
  15. Assembler Error Msg?
  16. Working with memory
  17. Problem with SEROUT after compiling with PBP3
  18. Hardware PWM (HPWM) Clairification on 18F45K22
  19. PIC16F1828 config/assembly problem
  20. Variable Problems for Cread
  21. Arraywrite word
  22. troubles with serial communication
  23. 10F222 wake/sleep
  24. 18F26J11 and CTMU problem
  25. 12F683, TMR1 and ON INTERRUPT revisited
  26. Newbie migrating from Basic Stamp to PIC
  27. RC Receiver with PIC16F628A Very Glitchy
  28. What is theabsolutely minimal hardware to run BLINK with a PIC18F4620?
  29. Sonic Depth Meter code & Math problems 12F683
  30. Simplest hardware and code to blink a LED with PIC18F4620
  31. STR \ Coun max len?
  32. PBP3 to include 18F97J94?
  33. 10F222 Wake on pin change
  34. Conditional compile
  35. Having problems with nrf24l01 when trying to send multiple bytes
  36. Define osc 8 not working on 12f683 - wondering if Its related to include files?
  37. PBP3 Timer and RS232
  38. Mikro's Visual GLCD with PBP3
  39. PBP3 and DS1307
  40. 4 x 20 LCD display with PB3 - Pin 5 High or Low?
  41. beginer help needed
  42. Help with example button program
  43. program crashes: is it my code or the chip?
  44. A/D, and compiler issues.
  45. SERIN & SEROUT to combine subroutine switch (SW1) and LED to use in Serial
  46. problems with 16F887: config or hardware
  47. Program crash - how to trace the cause
  48. PICs not on the list
  49. help clean up some code
  50. Changing CONFIG @ runtime possible ???
  51. PIC18F2550 Problem - GoSub or GoTo fails if the jump is too far
  52. how much space it takes up
  53. DT_Timer error
  54. 12 bit A2D on 18F46K80, need a bit of help for figuring TAD and getting correct value
  55. removing pbp3 from xp machine to windows 7 machine
  56. DS1307 not running?
  57. config
  58. Trial period is 0 days
  59. Error 115 - Duplicate label
  60. Clearing Index variable arrays
  61. Config help
  62. MPASM Error Message
  63. Picbasic/18F/internal data-EEPROM capacity > 1kbyte?
  64. how to access and set bits in a byte array?
  65. Help with Pic-18F23K22
  66. Creative ways to make macros with the least amount of code space
  67. what is a good general purpose 18F part?
  68. Math Problem
  69. includes?
  70. Please help with configs/defines for PIC12F609
  71. How to read CONFIG1
  72. SWDTEN troubles (16F1933)
  73. pic with countdown timer register?
  74. New PBP3 user
  75. PBP3 licence
  76. DT interrupt and 12f683
  77. PIC18F45K80 runs way to fast.
  78. Strange register interaction on 18F2431
  79. Need help getting started.
  80. PIC16F886 not running.
  81. Questions regarding measuring of frequency pic 16f887
  82. PIC16F1455 Support
  83. MSB Compile error
  84. 12F1840 config issues
  85. Using floating point
  86. Converting 32 bit Floating Point, and 48 and 64 bit Integer to string
  87. Pic10F202 Master clear will not turn off.
  88. 10 bit PWM 16F1824
  89. Math Problems
  90. transfer a string from ROM to an array
  91. Looking for Elapsed_DN.bas by Darrel Taylor
  92. Interpret to Picbasic Code ?!!
  93. Disable/Enable DT interrupt
  94. Version 3.0.8 released.
  95. WRITECODE - How it works
  96. Wierd result when inverting an input
  97. A tft addin for pbp3
  98. Need help converting a 4 bit binary number to 4 separate values
  99. Error Compiling with PbP 3
  100. PIC 18F device suggestion.
  101. Simulation newbie, any pointers?
  102. Frequency meter to air band receiver
  103. 16F88 Config
  104. Port alias in Port Expanders (MCP23S17)
  105. baud
  106. 16F819 config for A/D
  107. SSPCON registers not being recognized on 18F2550
  108. Inline Asm Problem
  109. Configuration bits
  110. Calculating Daylight Saving Time
  111. Structured Array
  112. Decoding Pulse Telephone
  113. Using INCLUDE to add a text file in PBP3
  114. Help Needed with DT Instant Interrupts
  115. PBP 3 will not compile
  116. Internal Osccillator help
  117. program runs and stop
  118. High out of memeory errors with mcsx and win10 64b
  119. updated and cannot compile
  120. Pb3 pic12lf1571 asm error
  121. trouble configuring 16F677
  122. Error Messages
  123. How to run MPLAB IPE from MCSP
  124. My first post searching help
  125. Pbp3 - pic18f87k22 / pic18f67k22 setting config typo error ???
  126. Where to read the explanation for warning code?
  127. How translate Arduino code to Proton.
  128. Utility of ARRAYREAD
  129. Define oscillator speed
  130. How long does this take to execute
  131. Need help in setting a 1.3inch oled display
  132. FREQOUT command for continuous operation
  133. MicroCodeStudioPlus keeps crashing.
  134. Error
  135. Weak pullup on 18f2620
  136. cannot find the reason for such a strange behavior
  137. DIV32 calculation with PBP3 version
  138. unexpectedly reset
  139. line continuation character
  140. Best way to join two variable in one
  141. Is it allowed to change pin reference within a subroutine?
  142. MCS is Crashing
  143. Unable to program 18F67J94
  144. High speed pic scaler for Survey meter for PIC16F627A translation to PIC18F2855?
  145. PBP3 and DT Interrupts
  146. Instant interrupt by Darrel
  147. Is it possible To change baud rate at runtime?
  148. How to update meCONFIG
  149. PBP3 Code Does not Compile with PBP3.1
  150. Need help with LAT instruction
  151. Help with PORTB Interrupt On Change Please
  152. Help with RTCC Module - 18F26J50
  153. Changing Baud Rates
  154. Tm1637 libary - has it been done
  155. SSD1306 INCLUDE for PBP3
  156. PB3 gold vs silver
  157. 16F88 and external Oscillator
  158. How to use the Microchip XPRESS drag and drop bootloader with MCSP
  159. Symbol not previously defined (EEPROM_START) - PIC16F15325
  160. Pbp3.1.1
  161. High priority/low priority program parts
  162. Menu building
  163. A bit of a math problem
  164. Good ol' 877
  165. Managing registered machines on which PBP3 is installed
  166. Bug report - 16F18857 using NAP command
  167. Chattering relay
  168. PIC16F1503 Fixed Voltage Reference
  169. Using Pic to listen to audio tones from car radar detector
  170. Pic 18F26K40
  171. GOTO vs RETURN after a GOSUB
  172. pb3 with pic 12f529T39A
  173. Error when compiling with DT_INTS_3_4b"
  174. 16F1827 - Slow Clock
  175. After update serial programmer won't open
  176. GPS Project: PIC18F26K22 or PIC18F46K22
  177. 18f27k40 - adc settings
  178. 18f27k40 - timer0 changes from K22, K80 series 8bit/16bit mode
  179. Normal i/o required on portc , pin6, 7 18f27k40
  180. IOC on the 27k40
  181. DT Elapsed Timer Question
  182. PIC16F18855 and DT elapsed timer
  183. I2CRead problem
  184. Installing Programmers for use with Microcode Studio
  185. Pwm settings for 18f47k40
  186. large preload includes
  187. Confirm 18f47k40 MSSP setting and allocation using PSS
  188. Mcs ide
  189. PICKIT-3 installation in PBP 3.1
  190. EasyPic 6 Mikroelectronika
  191. breadboarding
  192. Tiny bootloader and pbp
  193. MCU with ICSP instead of PGD/PGC
  194. Unable to execute MPASMX
  195. Digital touch Screen Combination lock
  196. Heart rate sensor MAX30102
  197. 12F683, DT_INTs, and Lost pulses
  198. Weird problem with large(ish) array access
  199. IR temp sensor
  200. PPS understanding on 16F15313
  201. BME280 sensor.
  202. CCP and timers to capture frequency
  203. Supress "MSG" in compile
  204. PIC16F15355 config setting to work on internal OSC with clock 4MHz
  205. Help with PIC 12F683 bit confituration in PBP3
  206. Wondering if I can move PBP3 and MPLAB over to newer system - which is Linux
  207. 12F683 GPIO.3 MCLR pin - unusual response
  208. Looking for info - functions built-into PBP3 for controlling HD44780 displays?
  209. Make PIC simulate binary up/down counter - how to calculate how fast can it count?
  210. 2nd Set of Eyes - with my Config settings for PIC16F1825 - running internal 32mhz OSC
  211. 18F1220 - DEBUGIN not working
  212. HEF EE OK with WRITE ?
  213. Chip had no EE, should PBP3 know that?
  214. PIC18F1220 - Variables initialisation placement makes a change
  215. Graphical Displays with PBP3
  216. after reinstall cannot comile
  217. 12F675 vs 12F1840
  218. HSERIN issue with a 18F452 and IF THEN statements or Case statements
  219. PICkit-4 Installation in PBP/MCS
  220. Multiplying with 11 using PIC
  221. How to remove ghost directory from mocrocode studio
  222. issue PBP compile with win10
  223. microcode studio error compile with google drive or dropbox folder sync
  224. 12F683 EXTERNAL CRYSTAL CONFIG for DTMFOUT statement
  225. Matrix keyboard with State Machine
  226. Interrupt on Change with 16F886
  227. Parsing commands and parameters
  228. Pulse train capture
  229. pic18f87k40 Timer1 setting
  230. Data processing in array
  231. Sleep does not really sleep...
  232. Arithmetic LCD drive/control
  233. What is causing my problem?
  234. COFF problem when box checked at compile time.
  235. directive in pbp to select pic
  236. PIC16F15244 and PIC16F527
  237. Speed optimization (framebuffer scrolling)
  238. Supporting Q series PIC
  239. Having Trouble with install
  240. Matrix keyboard and sleep
  241. MCC Standalone version
  242. Scaling and offset of a sensor
  243. Strange 4x20 LCD behaviour
  244. GC9A01 LCD display
  245. Hef/saf eeprom
  246. Window Comparator and Direction
  247. Stuck on first attempt using MPLAB X
  248. wrong positive and negative voltages on lcd 20x4
  249. Write EEPROM with Interrupts
  250. Going backwards, can't even get a basic blinky working now