PBP PIC32 series support?

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    Default PBP PIC32 series support?

    Microchip recently introduced the PIC32 series. It is designed to be used with a compiler. All of the existing C compilers are very expensive, some well over $1000.

    Is Melab's PBP going to support these chips in the future, possibly a newer version, re PBP+ ?

    I am already using PBP. It would be nice to leverage existing knowledge and resources.

    Thank you,

    PS. Would this question best be directed to Melab's support?

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    This has been discussed a bit here and there...
    Do a search on PIC32...
    Read the dsPICs thread and the thread towards the bottom about 16-bit support.
    Suffice to say, it's not just a matter of adding another include file and some more macro's.
    Not an easy task at all...

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    Microchip leveraged Gnu C for their compiler. The sources are available under the Gnu license. However, they didn't release the support system such as their libraries. I knew it would be difficult. I was just wondering if it was somewhere in the pipeline.

    Thank you,

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