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    Default Comparator help (16F627A)

    Is it possible to use the 16F627A's on board comparator to call a subroutine?

    I would like to compare a voltage (that ranges from 3 to 0 VDC relative to ground) to the internal voltage reference set to 0.5V. If the input voltage is greater than 0.5V, I want a subroutine to be called.

    I read the datasheet, but that just made me more confused. Couldn't find any good examples on how to use the comparator with Pic Basic.

    So, what I need help with is:
    1. How do I set the internal voltage reference to 0.5V with PBP?
    2. How do I setup the PIC to get the voltage in with PBP?
    3. How do I use the VRCON register to call a subroutine with PBP?

    The PIC doesn't need to do anything if the input voltage is below 0.5V.

    Any help is appreciated!

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    This should get you started (an oldie but a goodie - not Melanie ... her post)
    Paul Borgmeier
    Salt Lake City, UT

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    That's why I couldn't find that post on the forum! I was looking for it the other day but I didn't remember where it was. It was on the picbasic list! Thanks for finding it!

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    Yes, thanks for the link, it was exactly what I needed!

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