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    Question Redefinition of CON bmode during runtime


    I need only in the start of my program a 2400 baudrate, later im programm during runtime i need to change the baurate to 9600, but become error by the compiler "Redefinition of CON bmode"
    How can i do that?

    Thanks in advance

    Best regards


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    You can change your baudrate any time during runtime by issuing the command

    SPBRG = x,

    where "x" is a number you will find in your datasheet and
    is based on your oscillator, and the BRGH and BRG16 settings.

    After changing the baud rate, pause at least two byte-times before you
    attempt to use the serial port.
    Charles Linquist

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    Thank You Charles



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    Hi Pedro,
    What Charles said is proper for HSERIN and HSEROUT, I have a little program I use to test serial LCD units using SEROUT and it works for several baudrates, here is a sample of the code.
    SEROUT PortB.7,N2400,[254,128,"2400 baud line 1~"]'inverted
    pause 100
    serout PortB.6,N9600,[254,128,"9600 baud line 1~"] '128 so as not to add space
    pause 100
    SEROUT PortB.5,T2400,[254,128,"2400 baud line 1~"]'true
    pause 100
    serout PortB.4,T9600,[254,128,"9600 baud line 1~"] '128 so as not to add space
    pause 1000
    each output having a different baudrate.
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    Hi Joe

    What Charles say is what i need

    i have this for soft usart
    bmode con 16780' serin2' 16780 = 2400 true
    'and set with this the hardware usart for 10466 baudrate, i have not tested, next week
    'can i test, and hope that this work
    ' Set receive register to receiver enabled
    ' Set baud rate
    ' Set SPBRG directly (normally set by HSER_BAUD)


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