simplest usb bootloader pbc solution ??

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    Default simplest usb bootloader pbc solution ??

    Ok I'm back on the usb quest again...

    I've not played for about a year again, so no doubt now remember even less, and google is not (today) my friend....

    As I see it if I do find a simple 'ready to go' bootloader for noobs, {/link fairy please insert magical link here} I need to tell pbc to start assembling my work of art higher up the address ladder, I tried ORG 0Xhhhh but it laughed at me, and manual did not seem to list the command.

    Whats the right syntax for org?

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    Default So many bootloader, so many solution...

    You can use

    DEFINE RESET_ORG 0h (for PIC 18F)

    (both are in the manual)

    Then I suggest to have a look at my personal favorites:

    -Tiny bootloader:

    -Colt bootloader:


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    Yeah but...
    the OP use PBC, not PBP, so the Define Loader don't seems to be supported... unless i overlooked something.
    The OP asked for USB bootloader...

    Not sure if you can use a bootloader with PBC...

    Get ready GrandPa for some more snow tonight

    My only magic link will be Melabs support.
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    odd result here, if someone wants to take a stab at an explanation.....

    I used ''DEFINE RESET_ORG 10h'' and the first thing in my code was ''@clrwdt'' followed by a few more...

    So I expected.....

    0010: 0004 0004 D7FA

    but got

    0008: EF0A F000 0004 0004 D7FD

    emmmmmmm, at least its moving the start, so I can jiggle that to where it needs to be.

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