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    Default LCD graphic for user manuals

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm in the process of writing a User Manual for one of my fabrications employing a 16x4 LCD, but have hit a roadblock when it comes to showing a graphic/picture of the various screens.

    Short of taking some digital pictures where the flash is a problem, focus, etc, does anyone have any suggestions for software that may be available to draw these by hand and then paste into my Word/PDF manual? There must be a way because I've seen some very nice examples in other manuals.

    Thanks for any suggestions.


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    You can use LCD fonts, not that hard to find I think. Then just put a green background for the text. Very easy to do with MS Word.
    etc etc etc...


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    Default Thank you

    Hi GrandPa,

    That did the trick, thank you.

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    I like to use the Oshonsoft PIC simulator to get really professional looking results.
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    I think you can do that simply by using MS word. Try to do that and use the LCD fonts.
    Hope it will work.

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