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    Red face Writing, Reading from Internal PIC EEPROM

    I'm using a 16F870, PIC Basic Pro ver 2.47, Microcode Studio Plus ver 3.0 and a programmer from KitsRUs.com (DIY 149 B) The code as follows:
    WRITE 0, B.btye0
    WRITE 1, B.byte1
    where I am asking the code to write to eeprom location 0, B (one of my program variables), the first byte
    and the second byte to eeprom location 1

    the code compiles with no problems, but when I try to use the programmer I get this error:
    EEPROM error at 0x0000
    Good 0xFF
    Bad 0x0C

    Would someone tell me what that means and how can I make it work.
    I did search all the forum for this answer, but seems my problem is unique

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    I think the problem is due to you KIT software. Which one are you using? Which version?

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    Read down to post 12 here
    This seems to be a common problem for this setup.
    Always wear safety glasses while programming.

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    Default Writing, Reading from Internal PIC EEPROM

    Thanks to Mister e and to mackrackit for your responses! The version I am using is KIT 149B. After seeing all the comments on mackrackit's thread, it would appear I should be asking Bob Axtell the fellow who is working for KitsRUs.

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