ones tens hundreds counter to eliminate and up/down counter[ASM]

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    Default ones tens hundreds counter to eliminate and up/down counter[ASM]

    I have a speed alert code which i need to modify with 3 extra push buttons (Used on a PIC16F886) - A ones, tens and hundreds placeholder to input the speed limit

    Would you think it would be viable to have both a three button input and an up down input? If not how would i replace the up down counter with these three buttons.

    If i keep the up down buttons - How could I add the ones, tens and hundreds placeholder buttons ontop of this? I will be using PORTC - (excluding PIN17 and PIN18 NEEDED FOR EUARTS (RC6 and RC7))

    so I'm thinking i'll do the following

                STATUS          equ 03h
                TRISA             equ 87h
                PORTC            equ 07h
                                      bsf                    STATUS,5
                                      movlw                03h          ; RC0,RC1, RC2 = inputs
                                                                             ; (Hundreds,Tens,Ones)
                                      movwf               TRISC
                                      bcf                    STATUS,5
    Register map is included here

    (i'll play with RC6 and RC7 once i read up on EUSARTS )

    I was planning on having a temp variable - templimit such that I can store the actual speed limit in it as follows:

    templimit = (hundreds*100)+(tens*10) + ones.
    This would set the speed limit then I'd use the serial EUSART to overwrite this if it needs to be automatically updated.

    the locations for the up/down counter is:
    *Polling for
    - down button: Line 863
    - up button: Line 869
    * incrementing the speed
    - line 925
    * decrementing the speed
    - line 936

    Any help - whether theory or advice would be highly appreciated.
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