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    Default PDA comms

    I lost the original post, but someone asked about communicating with a PDA.
    I have had similar curiosity as a PDA seems to make a perfect interface.
    I noticed that atilla mentioned the possibility of using a Palm for the target and I agree. They are cheap, offer serial, have a touchpad for input and are already packaged. I will try one if I ever get unburied from the current list of projects.

    A site that I found for those that don't want to delve into CodeWarrior (for the Palm) can take a look at:

    A canned version of what we are talking about. Trial and full. No connection (me, not the serial on the Palm)

    Happy hunting

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    Default Using Palm PDA with PIC

    Try http://www.sirpic.com for some interesting wireless (infra red) solutions.

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