Hi all,
I graduated from ITT tech a few years ago with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Electronics Engineering Technology. I have a good job with a small company working with, and designing new electronics. It's great! No seriously I like my job. However, I feel like it will be difficult to obtain future work and higher pay in design and manufacturing with my curent ITT degree. You know the saying, 'all good things must come to an end.' So I am working on a BSEE from a university. This is very frustrating to me as I have taken many of the required classes already, but cannot transfer the credits from ITT. (something I discovered only after looking into obtaining a masters degree) I spend a ton of time in class and in the car driving to and from class. I'd rather be spending this time coding and soldering. Or researching a new market that needs me to design a PIC controlled device to make it better (and make me some money.) I feel you can get just as much out of an education from ITT as from any university. You will get out of it what you put in.

I feel very capable in the field of electronics design and have many working designs operating in the field under fairly harsh outdoor and downwell conditions. I continually strive to improve my understanding of electrical theory and design. I guess what I am getting at is; are there any other people here facing the same issues? I am researching reasons to keep going to class for my BSEE OR reasons to hit the design grind stone instead.

Oh, and by the way, PICs are great!I've tried a few others, PICs are still the best for me. I attended my first MASTERS conference this year and am very happy with the investment. Maybe next year PBP will have a booth or a class? I read a post on this forum concerning PICs being for amature v. prof, and I must say that the amatures involved in the use of PICs make being involved in proffesional use much much better. Amatures have a passionate need to be involved with PICs. Profesionals simply fill a need with pics, usually to satisfy someone elses passion or idea.