Anyone used a WAVECOM gsm modem ?

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    Default Anyone used a WAVECOM gsm modem ?

    Hi All
    I just want to know if anyone from the forum has used a Wavecom Gsm Modem before
    as i am planing to buy one in the next week or so .
    i am planing on using just the sms facility which i have dont before using a nokia mobile phone 6210 but just want to know if there is anything i should be looking out for.
    the one i want to get is


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    Hi Isaac. yes I did used this wavecom devices and found them very reliable. But I thing are more expensive than others.

    Lately other frinds of mine used the Telit modules, also very good. They need a very thin pinhead though...


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    Cool wavecom+gps+pic

    Yes I have a lot of experince send me your mail I will send you pictures I dont know
    how to upload pictures here

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    Hi Guys-

    I've used Wavecom modules in the Falcom Tango Module. Also the Telit modules, which I have a project with on at the moment. There are a few things to consider. If you want to use the available programming aids with these modules, and thus avoid using an external microprocessor, then consider that Telit uses the Python interpreter and the Wavecom modules have a whole development platform called Open AT based on 'C'. This is powerfully supported, and probably not for beginners. If you want to start by using just the AT command set for the modules, then probably the cheaper Telit solution would do for a start. Also the the Telit version of the Python language is easy to learn.

    Good luck


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    Thanks guys for all your replies.
    i got the module for 40 so i am just wait for it to be delivered would keep you all posted.
    am only going to be doing basic sms controlled like turning relays on etc.
    not sure if its possible to do large data transfers Lo:


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