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    Quote Originally Posted by shibly View Post
    Hi jow17301. I am new here. I want to use that very simple cheap (3 register) programmer. With this I want program 18f2550. Do I need to supply +5v?
    Hi there. Yes, you need to supply 5v. I think I did it with a battery and a 5v regulator (the 7805 if I recall correctly). I programmed the pic18F2550 with it. I needed the 18f2550 for the gtp USB lite programmer but as the guys say, the driver only works in windows XP. it doesn't work in vista or windows 7.

    Good luck with your project!
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    If time is money then you will be much cheaper finding a PICKIT2.
    Not to mention the headache ....
    Always wear safety glasses while programming.

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    When you had only PICStart and other over few hundred bucks programmer on the market (not sure how much I paid for PICStart Plus... 350$ possible?!?), it was an interesting option. But now with PICKITx and the likes AND unless you can't get PICKIT or any clone of it in your country under 50$ or so... you don't want to build your own.

    It's not a bug, it's a random feature.
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    Hello everybody, I am new in this forum. The last week i programmed one 16f88, with my GTP USB LITE . I was my first time with this pic. I programed it with internal oscilator 8 MHz , and PB7 and PB6 , put high and low intermittently.

    The problem was when i try to programmer other time. This fail, because the 16f88 enter in oscilation mode before programming mode.

    How i can to resolve this ????

    Thanks !

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    Enable Vpp first, then Vdd on your programmer.

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    How i can to do this ???

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    I've seen THREE answers to this question in this thread and I think this guy is messing with UR heads...
    On another thread... relevant in the Extreme:...
    Why couldn't the "Missing 5V supply come from the USB port... It is used to Charge a LOT of 5V devices and at fairly husky currents > .2A (conservative W/o Hub... Even better Idea would be a USB Chargw plug into a powered hun disconnected from the USB port... Lots of power only, no data or other issues.

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    Hey Squibcakes and others


    I made it today and work for PIC18F252-I/SP with PIC-Prog (

    It worked from the first attempt.

    My gratitude Squibcakes and others those who actively posting and help each others....


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    hi everyone
    Can someone please tell me how to use this setup to program a 18f2550 pic and the settings please???

    thanks in advance for any info.

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    I am completely new to PIC, so please excuse if this is stupid.
    For Stand-alone(not in-circuit) I understand that to transfer a program I need approx 12V on VPP and this has to be connected after 5V to VDD.
    Can I use an external power supply for both voltages and make the VPP 12V switched in by the VDD 5v via a transistor, can it work or is VPP switched during transfer?

    So I will then only have these between PC and PIC

    GND (5) --------------------VSS

    DTR (4) -------[4.7k]------DATA
    - |
    CTS (8) -----------------

    RTS (7) -------[4.7k]------CLK

    If it can work, then surely it will solve the laptop and USB-232 adapter problems.
    Ps. I know I can buy a programmer, but I want to build one. This is why I ask.

    Will appreciate your help.
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