Dear all, I'm quite new in Picbasic and I'm not sure whether I'm asking a stupid question or not. I'm using a 16f84a to drive a led controller IC. the IC require a serial data, clk, latch & output enable to work. I'm using shiftout to send serial data to the IC but I'm facing a problem is that the LED IC refuse to work after that because the clock signal has been stop after the shiftout command. So I'm asking for help whether any pro here that can direct me a way to continue pulse the clock in after the serial data in order for the ic to work? I've tried to put a command such like:

high c2pin
low c2pin
goto clksend

this can keep the led ic work but I can't send any other data to the ic anymore as if I use, the led will start blink because the clock has been slowed down. Do hope that someone can help me. I'll be very much appreciate. Thanks & have a nice day to all.