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    Default 12c508A -- Using more Legs...

    Alright guys,

    Please can somone tell me the @ config to allow me to use more legs on the 12c508A -- and to use the internal timer. So no other components are needed.

    I read on here that i can use a 12F675 to develop, then use 12c508a as main chips as they can only be writen once.

    Please can somone show me how to config the 12c508a to use 4 legs as outputs, and not need any other components.

    Many thanks.

    i use MicroCode Studio.


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    If you want to develop for a 12C508A, then you should use a 12F508.

    The 12F675 is a 14-bit core device, and the 12F(C)508 are12-bit cores. There are several PBP commands that you can't use on 12-bit devices. And with only a 2 level hardware stack, you can't even use Gosub's. So developing using the 12F675 is not a good idea.

    PBP's default configuration for the 12C508A is ... Internal Oscillator, MCLR On.

    So there are already 5 pins available without changing anything. The only pin not available for general I/O is GP3/MCLR/VPP.

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    Thanks for the reply!

    I will have to give it a go. I've only been trying with proteus sim, and it wouldnt let some of the legs work.

    All i really want to do is flash 3 led's in order, so i think a 12c508A should be ok for that. Maybe. haha.

    Thanks for the 12F508 idea! im glad i didnt make that mistake.

    Thanks again,


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