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    Default DLR3 Data cable to pic

    Hi All
    Being reading with great interest the topic of connecting a pic to a nokia 6210.
    i just when to ask a few question if you might be able to answer me.
    i am using a proton board and i have a nokia 6210 andits original DLR-3P cable .
    i can connect and communication with the phone via hypertheminal fine.
    But cant get it to work with the pic but i main question is this :

    Does the nokia cable take its supply from the serial port?
    If yes because my project board is TX,Rx & Gnd which pin do i have to supply with 5v to replicate the pc port


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    I know this is an old tread, but have been experimenting with a old Nokia 6210 -- DLR3 (RS232) Cable -- MAX232 -- 16F877 @ 20Mhz

    I have connected DTR/RTS lines, Pin 7 & 4 to the spare o/p on my Max232, and pull the input low, to provide power +9v to the cable.

    at 1st i had some trouble getting a responce to this line:

    SEROUT2 PORTE.0,84,["AT",13]

    When i looked on my PC terminal program, it was showing random letters and not 'AT'
    later found that if i added this line near the top of the program:


    it corrected the problem, and have now managed to send a sms from the pic chip.
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