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    I am new to this as I explained in previous thread.

    i am creating a tilt sensor as a project.

    I have a board that has two accelerometers on it. The accelerometers are fed into my pic18F242 microcontroller. I want the microcontroller to spit out what the accelerometer reading is in digital format so i can read it via hyperterminal on my computer.

    If that works i will feed the accelerometer data to an RF device and do it remotely but i have to see if i get data from microcontroller first.

    Does this program look like it will work?

    ************************************************** *****

    DEFINE ADC_BITS 10 ' Set number of bits in result
    DEFINE ADC_CLOCK 3 ' Set clock source (3=rc)
    DEFINE ADC_SAMPLEUS 15 ' Set sampling time in uS

    tx var portB.0
    rx var portA.0
    n9600 con 16468

    adcVar VAR word[4] ' Create variable to store results
    channel var byte
    byteVar var byte[4]
    inByte var byte

    ' set Sleep pin high:
    ''HIGH PORTD.0

    ' Set PORTA to all input
    TRISA = %11111111

    ' Set up ADCON1:
    ' All are analog inputs
    ADCON1 = %10000000

    ' read all channels of the accelerometer:
    for channel = 0 to 3 ' read the two accelerometers from pin 0 - 3
    ADCIN channel, adcVar[channel]
    ' convert to a byte:
    byteVar[channel] = adcVar[channel] /4
    pause 1

    ' send results out the serial port:
    serout2 tx, n9600, [byteVar[0],byteVar[1],byteVar[2], byteVar[3]]
    GoTo main

    ************************************************** *****

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    It looks OK to me (except the Next which is orphan! Needs the variable to increase), but sure only testing will prove this.

    A couple of improovments:

    Since the chip you intent to use has UART why not use the HSEROUT command instead SEROUT2?

    Like this

    HSEROUT [bytevar str\4]

    Also I don't quite understand why do you use the

    byteVar[channel] = adcVar[channel] /4

    If you want to convert the 10-bit ADC result just type this:

    byteVar[channel] = adcVar[channel] >>2

    and the 10-bit result will be converted to 8-bit.

    Even better use the DEFINE to set ADC to 8 bits.

    So it might be like that:

    ' read all channels of the accelerometer:
    for channel = 0 to 3 ' read the two accelerometers from pin 0 - 3
    ADCIN channel, bytevar[channel]
    pause 1
    next channel

    ' send results out the serial port:
    Hserout [byteVar str\4]
    GoTo main


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    Red face

    How did i ever live my life before the days of the internet. Thanks a lot for your advice I will modify my program and test it out. Any other advice someone has?

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