Any good layout editors out there? Eagle microchip libraries?

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    Default Any good layout editors out there? Eagle microchip libraries?

    I've been using eagle light layout editor and although it works pretty well, it's microchip libraries are absolute pants - I think nearing 9 years old. Does anyone have an updated library for them? I have made my own components on there in the past but I find the whole process time consuming, difficult and unintuative - plus it's generally a year or so inbetween efforts - so I pretty much have forgotten how to do it by the time I have to create a new part. I thought I could make a 16f505 by modifying the 16f676 I made a year or so ago - but I can't for the life of me figure it out - is it just me or am I lazy? I think it takes me about an hour by the time I fiddle around to make a new part - if someone has an updated library I'd very much appreciate a copy.


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    Smile Eagle PCB PWB PIC16f505

    Hi George,

    There are some free libraries for Eagle here:

    They have a lot of PIC stuff listed under microchip ***
    microchip-4.lbr lists a 16f505

    Hope it works for you, let us know, we’re lazy too!
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