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    Post Graphical LCDs

    I'm considering doing a project that involves the use of preferably a (128 x 64) graphical LCD. I have never as such used a display like this before. In fact, I don't even know what type / specs I should go for. Any advice, recommendations would be great! Also, if you'd like to discuss good software routines for them, that would be great also.

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    I am right in the middle of working with the Sparkfun 128x128 OLED. It is very simple to use, with up to 200,000 + colors. Check out the specs at the Sparkfun website. I am going to create an interface that downloads bitmap images, then creates Icons over them. It will be for a GPS data logger with simple topo map.What is your use?


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    Post Tetris

    I'm considering making a game of Tetris.

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    Quote Originally Posted by T.Jackson View Post
    I'm considering making a game of Tetris.

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    Awesome! - possibly one of the the best PIC based projects I've seen. I have made Tetris in VB and can't possibly imagine how difficult it would be to do it in ASM. I reckon it would be almost as involved as making a game for the ATARI 2600.

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    Smile Eventually...

    Eventually I can see someone reinventing the 80's game console with a couple of PICs. It's more than possible. 24LC256 EČ PROMS containing the game image coupled to a PIC18F4550 w/USB to the PC so that the games can be customized.

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