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    Default Getting started with Graphic LCD's

    Hi, I new here in 08. I was here a number of years back. I never made the move to graphic display yet. I know, but I never had a need until now. I designed a unit for imaging using a metal detector called the Arc-Geo Logger.


    Anyway, I want to make an 128x64 display that I can either show as the data is being logged or download to the display. I purchased an LCD from here.

    The part number is AMG12864A-B-Y6NFDY.

    I will look at the data sheet this weekend. Is there anything you can tell me about these displays. Thanks for any help in advance.


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    At the Orients site it seems that the display have S6B0107 or S6B0108 controller.

    S6B0107 and S6B0108 are evidently similar to KS0107 and KS0108. You can find code examples for these controller at the forum.

    See also:

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    Thanks for the reply, Do you think I should use a different controller? I will check these links out and past post on graphic lcds.



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    It's always up to you to decide. You will find many code example in Basic, C and assembler for those KS0107 and all other on the Compsys site.

    Now if you like to challenge yourself and got a nice deal on those you have on hand... why not using them. You might be surprise, sometimes there's no big difference between different GLCD controller.

    It's not a bug, it's a random feature.
    There's no problem, only learning opportunities.

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