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Thread: Reading eeprom

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    Default Reading eeprom

    Hi everybody,
    I've done a simple project pic + 24c16 + dallas 1wire temperature sensor.
    Every hour the temperature is saved into the 24c16.
    At the moment I remove the eeprom and I read the temp. with a eeprom reader
    All this was ok for testing by now I'd like to be able to read it without removing it every time. I thought I could add a max232 and get the datas through the serial.
    I could add some lines in the pic prg., read the eeprom and display the datas in hyperterm and then save it.
    I would prefer, if possible, without a involving the pic.
    Do you have some good (easy) idea how I could do it ?
    Thanks in advance

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    Yes you have it.. just send the whole data to Hyperterm, save the file as a .BIN and open/edit it in your Hex editor.

    OR, use comma and open it in EXCEL..

    it's all depend on how your EEPROM structure is made.

    Another point of view, format everything on the PIC side in a kind of TEXT report, then dump it to your PC.
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