i need information for GSM interface

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    Talking i need information for GSM interface

    Hi, i'm a newbies, sorry if my english is not so good as your, but i'm french. lol
    i would like to interface a pic with a GSM. I have a old Ericson T20e, nokia 3310 and nokia 5110, my first question is : does all of this GSM support AT command?
    2d question: is there someone have a schematic to build a datacable for this GSM?
    3d question: for the nokia GSM does the level is 2.7V or 5V? and for the ericson? 5V?
    4d question: i try to communicate with those GSM with hyperterminal windows software, with a selfmade datacable but it doesn't work . For the ericson i use it with 5V for RX-TX, when i send the AT command like AT? i only have the echo but no response.
    For the nokia, i use them with 3V for RX-TX, i dont use the Mbus, simply in F-BUS mode, here when i send an AT command i have no response, either none echo.
    I have try with different transmission speed without good result..
    Can you help me please?

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    there's a few thread here and there about that.

    You're on the right forum section. Just spend few hours to read them. Pretty sure you'll find few info.

    here's something you should look too

    bonne chance!

    It's not a bug, it's a random feature.
    There's no problem, only learning opportunities.

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    thanks for your response, i have already visited the http://pinouts.ru/pin_CellularPhonesCables.shtml webpage
    i have rapidily (i am not sure that this termi is english lol) look the other forum section, but if someone can help me before i sent many hours to read all the post...lol

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