need 18F4550.BAS to compile with PBP?

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    Default need 18F4550.BAS to compile with PBP?


    I keep getting the following errors when compiling MPLAB project with the PicBasicPro compiler defined as the toolset:

    Executing: "C:\PBP\PBPW.EXE" -p18F4550 -ampasmwin -oq -z "butxu_2.bas"
    PicBasic Pro Compiler 2.45a, (c) 1998, 2004 microEngineering Labs, Inc.
    All Rights Reserved.
    ERROR: Unable to find -p<pic> processor file 18F4550.BAS

    It seems kinda obvious that in the pbp directory where the other 18Fxxx.BAS and 18Fxxx.INC the 18F4550.BAS and .INC are not available.

    I am currently running 2.45 and checked patches available and saw no explicit listing for PIC18F4550. I went ahead and patched to P245a1.exe it claimed when I tried to patch that "Nothing to do! The files are already updated". Then tried P246a.exe and it failed with this error:

    "c:\pbp\INC\M16F684.INC: unknown version"

    Can't seem to get that 18F4550.BAS and .INC anywhere. It's a bit odd to me (not like I am anyone) that PIC18F4550 is sold by MELabs but one can't modify any example code designed for it, spit out HEX to then program onto chip (apparently it is possible from all the threads I've read). Maybe I am not seeing the obvious.

    Tried MicroCode Studio but list of MCUs doesn't have 18F4550 of course.

    All I want to do is edit and compile PBP code for PIC18F4550 with either MPLAB or MicroCode Studio or whatever (just read MicroCode Studio doesn't support PIC18F4550?????). Not having much luck, here. =(

    Any help greatly appreciated!


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    Support for 18F4550 was added in version 2.46.

    That version also fixed some other issues with 18F devices, so it's worth upgrading. Patches for 2.46 will not work with previous versions.

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    Thank you =)

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