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    Question Disable MCU Extra Features

    I am somewhat familar working with PICs, but I have recently purchased a 16F747 to begin developement on a project...I chose it for its large number of I/O pins...but...this PIC also comes with ALOT of extra features, such as A/D converter, Dual Comparators, Parallel Slave Port, USART, etc...This leads to many of the pins to have multiple uses with these different built in features...Right now I am tring to acomplish some simple things, but I believe that these features are getting in the way of the PIC doing what I want it to do...I have been doing some looking throug the data sheet, as well as the family reference manual...I have found some code snipets, but they are using Assembly I presume...Is there any good way to disable all the extra stuff, so that the pins are all simply digital I/O???

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    A quick look suggests

    ADCON1=$0F ' all digital
    CMCON=$07  ' comparators off
    is all you need.
    Paul Borgmeier
    Salt Lake City, UT

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    Thanks for your response, I havn't had time lately to check it out...but when I confirm I will be very Thankful...Thanks again...

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