Selfprogramming Pic18F over GSM

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    Smile Selfprogramming Pic18F over GSM


    I want to write a programm for Pic18F6620 (connected to a GSM- Modem) which can update its own code.

    In the first part of the Pic- flash should be the update routine which waits for a selfprogramming- Trigger (maybe checking the ring- line of the GSM- Modem).

    When there is no trigger then the update routine should jump to the second part in the flash where the upgradable codepart is (the actual programm).

    When the update routine detects the trigger, the upgradable codepart has to be updated with the new programm that is sent over GSM.

    Does anyone know if this is possible with PBP?

    Thanks in advance


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    I guess this is more a PIC than a PBP problem

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    I think its a PBP- Problem because the Problem for me is to get a compiled and assembled hexfile out of PBP Pro and MPASM where I can defíne the startposition in flashmemory.

    Furthermore I dont know how to start from a independet PBP- Programm another independent PBP- Programm that is stored somewhere else in the same flash.

    I think in Assembler this would be no Problem, but in PBP I dont know how to do this.

    Best Regards,


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