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    Exclamation Instant Interrupt Error


    I recently got Darrel Taylor's 'Instant Interrupt' program to work and was trying to integrate into my main program. However, I get the error below:

    "Temp variables exceeding T4"

    I looked in ReEnterPBP.bas and found that it was the file that was reporting back the error (see the relevant section of code below).

    I do use a lot of variables in my program, but the total is 110 bytes, far from the 368 bytes on the 16F877a.

    Does anyone know of a way to modify the ReEnterPBP code so that it is able to save more variables (I should have the RAM space...)?

    From ReEnterPBP.bas:

    ifdef RS1
    MOVE?BB _RS1_Save, RS1
    ifdef RS2
    MOVE?BB _RS2_Save, RS2
    ifdef T1
    MOVE?WW _T1_Save, T1
    ifdef T2
    MOVE?WW _T2_Save, T2
    ifdef T3
    MOVE?WW _T3_Save, T3
    ifdef T4
    MOVE?WW _T4_Save, T4
    ifdef T5
    ERROR "Temp variables exceeding T4"


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    Hi Justin,

    PBP creates temporary variables as needed to handle complex formula's.

    <pre>x =((x*2)+3) + (y*2+1)/$4+(z+1)*2+(d*/250*2)+m dig 2</pre>For the above formula, PBP will need 5 temporary vars. (T1-T5) The more complex the formula, the more temp vars that are needed.

    Correcting the problem can be done 2 different ways.

    <hr>1. Break the formula into smaller sections. Changing the above formula to something like this ...<pre>x =((x*2)+3) + (y*2+1)/$4+(z+1)*2<br>x = x +(d*/250*2)+m dig 2</pre>will reduce the number of temp vars required to 3, which will fit into the existing program.

    <hr>2. Modify the ReEnterPBP file to handle more Temp vars.

    For each additional temp variable, create a new place to save it..
    <pre> T5_Save VAR WORD</pre>In the SavePBP: routine, add a condition to save the variable.<pre> ifdef T5<br> MOVE?WW T5, _T5_Save<br> endif</pre>And in the RestorePBP: routine, add a condition to restore the variable.<pre> ifdef T5<br> MOVE?WW _T5_Save, T5<br> endif</pre>Then adjust the error message to trigger at a higher number.<pre> ifdef T6<br> ERROR "Temp variables exceeding T5"<br> endif</pre>Repeat, untill you no longer get an error.


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    Thumbs up Thanks Darrel!


    It works great now - thanks as always for your contributions to the PBP community!


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