LCD in 8-bit mode

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Many of the forum members felt this is a long overdue project.

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    Default LCD in 8-bit mode

    What is the code to setup a PIC to drive an LCD in 8-bit mode. In the PicBasic manual it only shows how to change the port the 4 bit mode is on.



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    See manual again (it's all there) and try this:

    'Below defines make:
    'PortA.0 = enable
    'PortA.1 = select
    'PortB = the 8 bit bus
    'Adjust to meet your needs ...

    DEFINE LCD_DBIT 0 ' Set starting Data bit (0 or 4) if 4-bit bus
    DEFINE LCD_RSREG PORTA ' Set LCD Register Select port
    DEFINE LCD_RSBIT 1 ' Set LCD Register Select bit
    DEFINE LCD_EREG PORTA ' Set LCD Enable port
    DEFINE LCD_EBIT 0 ' Set LCD Enable bit
    DEFINE LCD_BITS 8 ' Set LCD bus size (4 or 8 bits)
    DEFINE LCD_LINES 2 ' Set number of lines on LCD
    DEFINE LCD_COMMANDUS 2000 ' Set command delay time in us
    DEFINE LCD_DATAUS 50 ' Set data delay time in us

    Good Luck,
    Paul Borgmeier
    Salt Lake City, Utah

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