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    Default First time programming a PIC for use with SSR

    Hi All,
    I just got a MElabs serial programmer, a PIC16F628 PicBasic Pro and
    CodeDesigner Lite but I have not a clue as to how to get started. I am
    used to using Basic Stamps, and all I want to do is try out this code to turn on and off a solid state relay for a certain amount of time.
    (In CodeDesigner Lite):
    high 1
    pause 60000
    Low 1
    pause 60000
    pause 60000
    pause 60000
    pause 60000
    pause 60000
    goto main

    But I am not sure what to do when I get to the MeLabs Programmer basic
    menu (I am used to using a basic stamp) Does anyone know about this?

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    You just have to configure the TRIS register and high or low the port connected to your relay(actually to a transistor if the self needs more than 20mA).


    TRISB = %11111110


    high portb.0
    pause 60000
    low portb.0

    something like that should work...

    see ya...

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