Code doesn't work on 16F648A

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    Unhappy Code doesn't work on 16F648A


    I've written code for 16F628 (working well), i've added some new lines to this code but code size is up to 2K. And i changed PIC 16F648A code space of 4K. You know this PIC's has identical hardware. I changed configuration for 16F648A but code doesnt work. After that i wrote original code (cof. lines for 16F628) to the 16F648A, only chosing 16F648A on programmer. I'm suprising it's working. I changed only conf. lines for 16F648A on original code and wrote to PIC it doesn't work.

    Conf. lines on original code:
    @ DEVICE pic16F628A
    @ DEVICE pic16F628A, WDT_ON
    @ DEVICE pic16F628A, PWRT_ON
    @ DEVICE pic16F628A, PROTECT_OFF
    @ DEVICE pic16F628A, MCLR_OFF

    Conf. lines for 16F648A:
    @ DEVICE pic16F648A
    @ DEVICE pic16F648A, WDT_ON
    @ DEVICE pic16F648A, PWRT_ON
    @ DEVICE pic16F648A, PROTECT_OFF
    @ DEVICE pic16F648A, MCLR_OFF

    What do you think, why it doesn't working?

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    PBP prior to V2.45 had a RAM Bank switching bug for this PIC. Always check with MeLabs website upgrade page for version fix issues.

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    Thanks, it's ok now.

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    Default Re: Code doesn't work on 16F648A

    I am having problems using an external oscillator on a 16f648a. I can use the internal oscillator with no problem however when I try to use an external ceramic oscillator the code does not run. On the config below if I change the second line to” cfg = _XT_OSC” I have no signs of function. I am sure it is something very simple I just cannot see the problem.

    cfg&= _WDT_OFF
    cfg&= _PWRTE_OFF
    cfg&= _MCLRE_OFF
    cfg&= _BODEN_OFF
    cfg&= _LVP_OFF
    cfg&= DATA_CP_OFF
    cfg&= _CP_OFF
    __CONFIG cfg

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    Default Re: Code doesn't work on 16F648A

    Sorry I got it because it was a 10mhz oscillator I needed to use "cfg = _HS_OSC" I found the answer in this pdf.

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