Hi all, I've lurked about the forum for years when I needed help with some code for my occasional PIC based hobby stuff.

So when I first got into microprocessors I initially used a PARALLAX kit I bought from eBay and then my mom's husband helped me get into the PIC based stuff which I have now used here and there for the past 10+ years.

The first LCD I added was some eBay screen with a single wire serial adapter for it.
When I got into the PIC someone helped me with code to send text and data to it. It worked fine.

Shortly after that however I just started using the common LCD displays (from NEWHAVEN and similar) with the 4 bit mode requiring 6 of the PIC output pins which then allowed me to utilize the so easy LCDOUT command.
I've been using that method over the last several years.

So earlier this year I ordered some inexpensive LCD's from Amazon and they came packaged with the I2C adapters.
At first I just ordered them to try the LCD itself i the 4 bit mode and they of course worked fine as an inexpensive source.

Now about a week ago I thought I'd give the I2C method a try since I had those adapters that came with my last order of LCD displays.

I've been scourging the net and reading all about how I need to set address (based on chip version PCF8574T) and trying to find some basic code I could utilize but all I see is a mess and no real standard.
And I promise, I've been searching for a week and have tried several versions of code before I finally decided to make this forum post. So far all I have got was some random cursor action on my LCD.

So before I attempt to bother anyone with some code to help to give me a kick start using this method my honest question is should I even bother trying to base my future projects of of I2C based LCD interface or just stick to the simple LCD OUT 4 bit method and just give up the 6 pins? From what I see using I2C is going to require a bit of code and includes and all that jazz where LCDOUT is just a simple setup I copy n paste with each new project.

My PIC of choice has been the 16F690 as a good bang for the buck option but I have a few others in my stash.