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    Default Graphical Displays with PBP3

    i wrote this graphics lib to handle led dmd's [1/4 scan dot matrix displays] in mono, red/green or rgb in varing sizes up to 128x32 pixels.
    it occured to me that with a little more effort it would make a general purpose graphic lib for nearly any display. so here it is.
    it uses mikroe fonts that you can easily generate. the variable width fonts can be up to 23 bits wide if you like.

    a driver for ssd1306, nokia and the ubiquitious 128x64 glcd are included with a small demo for each.
    note this is pic18 pbp3 only and if a mssp port is warranted then its used. there are more functions in the lib than the USERCMDS
    indicate, i never use them all. i could not be bothered making the usecmd code for everything
    i might publish the led dmd stuff at sometime when i work out dma->spi transfers with a k42

    and some fonts

    and some demos
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    This is more entertaining than Free to Air TV

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