Even more great news from the PICKitPlus team. Sharing as soon as I could across the various forums.

We now have improved the performance of the PICKitPlus Software. We have upgraded the software, and the parts database, to decrease the programming/verification time. We have reduced some programming operations from 40 seconds to 3 seconds! Programming is fast for specific use cases. An amazing improvement. We call this Turbo Mode.

We also recently updated software that made it possible to support the PIC18FxxQ10, PIC18FxxQ40, PIC18FxxQ41, 16F152xx and add corrections for the 1F16184x microcontrollers.

Over this weekend we provided this new software to all the existing users. So, if you are an existing user please look out for the email.

We have recently released PICKitPlus for the Linux and Raspberry Pi. You can try PICKitPlus for the Linux or Raspberry Pi! Just contact us. We can provide a trial license. Try it before you buy it.

Next… PICKitPlus software for Mac OS and our own unique programmer solution.

Please support this project and get the software via our website www.pickitplus.co.uk