Restricted Forum Access Feb 16th-18th 2021.

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    Default Restricted Forum Access Feb 16th-18th 2021.

    Some users reported issues accessing the forum between 16th -18th feb 2021

    The forum is monitored for reliability and access via an independant remote service. The service was not reporting any issues.

    After receiving emails from three users reporting access issues, I did try accessing the service from my mobile, and I found no issues at that time. Due to other commitments I was unable to investigate further at that time.

    I have now investigated the server log files. I can see that the site was expieriencing very heavy traffic loads almost constantly for around 36 hrs. The traffic was not productive - I cannot say it was malicious since it was simply accessing the site - However the access was not browsing the site, just hitting it with refresh requests.

    Access from the originating addresses has now been blocked, I suspect the site is probably easier to access now.

    The downtime was unintentional. There was no plan to remove the site from service. We would always post a static page of the site were to be offline for maintainance or any other reason.

    Lester - Forum Administrator

    Lester - Forum Administrator

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    Default Re: Restrcted Forum Access Feb 16th-18th 2021

    Indeed it is working as expected now.

    We thank you very much for the support.


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