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    I only do electronics for a hobby and even then it's only a part of my hobby but lately I've been reading plenty of datasheets for processing components and OMG there are some shockers out there. The latest one, however, takes the cake for the shame file. The datasheet for the BNO080 9DOF from Hillcrestlabs - particularly for I2C comms not only tries to make their own special I2C protocol, they don't even tell you what data to expect from the device.

    Apologies, rant finished...


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    Hmm, section 1.4 in the datasheet I happen to look at seems to show, in quite some details, how data is exchanged and they let you know that more details can be found in the SH-2 Reference Manual.

    With that said, I have not used it and can't say if the information provided is of any use in practice :-) I've seen datasheets with a lot less information than that though.


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