Note: ALL Amicus boards have been reduced to around £1.00 ex VAT and shipping. Amicus Products

I'm dumping ALL surplus stock, Thousands of PIC micros, IC's , LCD's, surface mount components, Power supplies, test equipment, Development boards, Evaluation systems etc.

Its not commercially viable to list it all or even markdown all the prices on the Crownhill website, it simply takes too long. So if you browse the Crownhill Website and see anything in the hardware section or the components section, that interests you, PM me with an offer. Dont be shy.

Shipping for most packages will be £8.50, that is fully packed and tracked. If you fill your basket the MAXIMUM shipping you will pay, is £10.00.

Before the question is posed, I can say NO Crownhill is NOT closing, its business as usual. We are simply haveing the annual clear-out, but this year we are really going for it....we need the space. I never thought that with 10,00sqft we'd run out of space, but it seems we have. New business and projetcs that requre more space, demand that i either rent another building or empty this one. ...I'm not renting !!!