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Thread: QR Code encoder

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    Default QR Code encoder

    Does anyone knows how to create a QRCode encoder (at least for QRCode Level 3), or how to translate the Arduino libraries to PBP from the following link?

    It should be used with a PIC18F family.
    The Arduino library is writed in C and it use pointers and array's pointers... and I'm lost.

    Any clue?

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: QR Code encoder

    It doesn't look too easy. But it could be done.
    Arrays and pointers are used almost same way as in PBP.
    But I would suggest to store table data in ASM so it would use much less space.
    4 rows with 40 bytes, are same as one array with 160 bytes(word) long. Instead 2 pointers like here numBlocks = NUM_ERROR_CORRECTION_BLOCKS[ecc][version - 1];
    You can use something similar to this:
    ecc=0 to 3
    version=0 to 39
    But you may drop unused 3 rows if you fix Error correction level to one level. So you get only one array with 40 word in it.
    Also if you chose only numbers or text, you can remove more unnecessary stuff...

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