HD44780 LCD cable length

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    Default HD44780 LCD cable length

    What is the practical length limit from a PIC to a LCD. If shielded cable were used would lengths of 15 to 20' be a problem. I have cables with individually shielded conductors plus an outer shield. Not sure if capacitance or R drop would be any issue. Anyone running a setup like this?

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    Default Re: HD44780 LCD cable length

    If you do have problems then I would just use a serial BACKPACK and use RS232.
    Dave Purola,

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    Default Re: HD44780 LCD cable length

    This has been covered a couple of times over the years, see (and read) here for starters:


    I suppose it might depend on a lot of variables, like type of cable, output drive capability, HD44780 compatability (some are more picky than others) and so on so it's probably best to do some experients and find out.


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