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    Hi Guys,

    In the past you guys have helped me source components for various projects, and I need your help again.

    I'm looking for a power MOSFET that is rated at 400 - 500v DC, and has a logic level gate value do can be driven via an opto isolated 5v logic pulse from a microcontroller / arduino. Needs to be through hole package.

    Most of the FETs in my hobby box are 50v DC or less.

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    Default Re: Component recomendations

    I have used both of these when I designed some EMC test equipment for a former employer. IXTA3N50D2 and a STY145N65M5. However you will be hard pressed to find LOGIC level devices in that voltage range. Good luck.
    Dave Purola,

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    There's a lot more to it than voltage… Like, for example, how much current you're going to switch with it.
    Just go to Digikey or Mouser, type in MOSFET and start narrowing it down from there. Digikey, for example, has 1607 thru hole mounted MOSFETs with a Vds of 400V or more - in stock. About a 1000 of them with a rated current of 10A or more and 150 with a rated current of 50A or more.

    400-500V, what are you going to do with this? Are you switching on/off something once per minute or building a SMPS?

    I'd look at a proper isolated gate driver IC instead of an ordinary opto-isolator for driving the gate. Especially if you're switching any sort of currents. You really want to charge/discharge the gate at a reasonable speed.

    Disregarding the logic level gate and to just throw some random part number at you, the STW36N60M6, 600V, 30A in a large TO-247 package.

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    Good choice. The STW36N60M6 has a Vgs of 4V (typ). That should work with your 5V pulse. The logic level FET's I have are 2V Vgs. Why do you think you need a logic level device?

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    I don't agree, it won't work properly being driven with a gate drive voltage of only 5V. My suggestion is to ditch the logic level gate requirement and instead use a proper gate drive IC.

    The Vgs(th) is the threshold voltage, ie. basically where the MOSFET starts to turn on. This threshold voltage is 4V (nominal) for the STW36N60. At 5V it might sort of "conduct" a little bit but with a high RdsOn so won't be able to handle much current. You might quite easily end up outside the SOA if you're switching 400VDC at "any" sort of current.

    The 85mOhm RdsOn is rated with 10V Vgs at 15A drain current, look at the Output characterstics and Transfer characteristics in the datasheet. You'll need close to 10V Vgs in order for it to fully saturate.


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    Default Re: Component recomendations

    you would have to ask where does the 5v come from anyway ,since its opto isolated ?
    why the 5v limit ?

    +1 for isolated gate driver
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    Default Re: Component recomendations

    Give special attention to the SOA as Henrik stated. At any current! Be carefull because high voltage has many traps.


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