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    Default 18F4680 Internal Oscillator

    I am working with the 18F4680 and for some reason can't get the internal oscillator to work. The external works fine.
    I may need to also configure config1H, but it seems everything I did to try that would result in a compile error message. Is there something else I am missing?

    I tried the below and it resulted in compiler error

    I edited the PIC18F4680.PBPINC by changing the #CONFIG section from CONFIG OSC = HS to CONFIG OSC = IRCIO67. This did compile with no error, but also wouldn't run.

    This is the code which I think should work.

    OSCCON = $72 ' Set internal 8Mhz OSC
    'OSCCON = %11100010 ' Set internal 4Mhz OSC
    CONFIG OSC = IRCIO67 ;Sets for internal oscillator

    DEFINE OSC 8 'Sets Osc to 8MHZ

    ADCON0 = $00 'Disables A/D module
    ADCON1 = $0F 'Sets inputs to digital
    CMCON = $07 'Takes pins D<3:0> to digital from default PW mode

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    Default Re: 18F4680 Internal Oscillator

    This may or may not get you where you want to be, but if you go to C:\\Programs(x86)\PBP3_1\DEVICE_REFERENCE you will have a list of every PIC processor PBP can program. Click on your 18F4680. What will open is the CONFIG Registers. At the top is the default settings. You can copy/paste that section into the top of your code, removing the comments. In the document are all of the options available. You can go through them, with the help of the data sheet, and change them as needed. It may be that you aren't getting what you want because of a different conflict than you think. Check it out.
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    Default Re: 18F4680 Internal Oscillator

    You might try setting OSCCON = $70

    That selects the primary clock (the one specified by the config OSC statement).
    That's required for a number of devices that have a PLL

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