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    Default Pickit3 -- hate the friggin thing

    Life was so easy with my old parallel port programmer.
    Using Pickit3 -- did everything right I think. MPLAB and the IPE are installed. 16F628A is installed correctly (not in a circuit but the zif socket)

    IPE loads fine -- communicates seemingly but get error message

    "Target device was not found (could not detect target voltage VDD). You must connect to a target device to use PICkit 3."

    Please -- would appreciate any leads on what's wrong. Driving me NUTS. --thanks

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    Default Re: Pickit3 -- hate the friggin thing

    I think it may have to do something with "power target from Pickit3" ? but don't see an option for that ?

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    Default Re: Pickit3 -- hate the friggin thing

    using IPE V5.15

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    Default Re: Pickit3 -- hate the friggin thing

    ok found that option "power target from tool" but now get this error --

    PICkit 3 is trying to supply 5.000000 volts from the USB port, but the target VDD is measured to be 4.625000 volts. This could be due to the USB port power capabilities or the target circuitry affecting the measured VDD.

    The target circuit may require more power than the debug tool can provide. An external power supply might be necessary.
    Connection Failed.

    what a piece of shite as you say in the uk

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    Ok -- got it figured out. seems whenever I post, the answers come.


    I had to set the programming voltage to 4.875. Seems to work ok. Is this typical? Any issues with that?

    Way too much of a learning curve with this Pickit

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    Default Re: Pickit3 -- hate the friggin thing

    Yes, I've found that pretty typical. You might not have exactly 5.000V at the USB port of the computer then you have a 1.2m (or whatever) long USB Cable introducing some voltage drop and then you have the voltage drop over regulator circuitry itself (which apparently isn't capable of boosting the voltage) in the PICKit3. So the PK3 can't supply 5V to the target if what it gets on its input is "only" 4.9V - simple as that. Just set it to 4.5 or something.

    You can integrate IPE into MCSP if you want, one click compile and program.

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    Default Re: Pickit3 -- hate the friggin thing

    I have always found with both Pk2 and Pk3 it's much safer to externaly power the device under test (bear in mind USB 2 will only supply 100mA)

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    Default Re: Pickit3 -- hate the friggin thing

    I had enough with the IPE/MPLABX crap...

    Found an alternative to good ol' Stand alone Pickit2/Pickit3 software that was abandoned.

    A programmer developed in a basic variant the new/old Stand Alone IDE that is great and I use it all the time.

    You have to send to Evan (the creator) a small donation to give you a download link and I find it fair enough.

    Link is this http://www.pickitplus.co.uk

    His support is immediate also by emails.


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