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    Default How would one go about 3D printing investment casting ?

    Getting more into the nuts and bolts of your question, it would be easy enough to 3D print object model to lay a mold around- however, most materials printed by commercial 3D printers will not simply melt out.

    If I were given this task and a choice of a couple commercial 3D printers, I would go ahead and print my part- then, I would do an an acetone dip to smooth out the 'steps' and roughness that most 3D printers will still give to parts- a careful acetone dip can achieve the smoothness of the finest wax mold in a fraction of the worker-hours. I would lay out my mold (risers, sprue, etc) as normal, and then when the mold material had fully set, I would put the whole assembly into a mid-temperature furnace with an oxidizing atmosphere- 350C would be plenty -and wait for the 3D printed model to burn out! Easy. 3d printing service in punjab,haryana,dehradun

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    Default Re: How would one go about 3D printing investment casting ?

    I saw some wax filiment for sale on eBay:
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