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    I've never used this Pickit3 so want to make sure I get this right. I have the zif socket on it and it looks like for an 18dip 16F628A that pin 1 on the chip is placed into pin 11 on the zif socket? It's a bit concerning using it first time. Hard to see it. -- thanks

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    I should also ask, what is proper procedure -- put in chip then insert usb? remove usb before removing chip? any sequence of events?

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    The PicKit3 does not have a ZIF socket, so I assume the board with ZIF socket is an add-on board. I've never used one of these add-on boards but I imagine you need to set jumpers to suit the PIC device you want to programme. By far and away the easiest way to use PicKit is to plug it into the ICSP socket (if you have one) of the PCB/breadboard you're testing.

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